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2018 Arc Events finish on a high

This month saw the final round of the Arc Events for 2018 with Brisbane hosting the very last one at the newly developed Howard Smith Wharves. Located under the iconic Story Bridge, the venue was the perfect setting for guests to eat, drink and relax whilst being introduced to...Read More
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Falling Glass Panel Raises Questions About Window Safety

Recent stories related to the shattering of glass in high-rise units have created cause for concern. This isn’t a minor problem. The use of inadequate glass presents serious dangers. The rate of unit construction in Australia’s major urban hubs has increased in recent years....Read More
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What’s New at Safetyline Jalousie?

At Safetyline Jalousie, we are always looking at new ways to improve our product in an effort to meet our client’s needs. Just this year, there have been three exciting developments. First, we introduced our vacuum glazed louvre. At a fraction of the size and cost of double...Read More
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How Australian Architects Lead the Way in Sustainable Building Design

Sustainability is a key concern in modern building. Clients want to see a commitment to environmental issues. Australia has become a world leader in this sector. Sustainability isn’t a brand new concept. It’s existed for several decades. As people become more aware of the effects...Read More
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Specifying Louvres in Bushfire Prone Areas

In response to the Black Saturday bushfires that devastated the state of Victoria in 2009, Australian Standard 3959 was updated and republished AS3959:2009 on 1 May 2010. The Standard specifies requirements for the construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas in order to...Read More
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The History of Jalousie

Quite often we will receive a telephone call or meet a new client that will ask, “Where did the word ‘Jalousie’ come from?” We also hear some interesting interpretations of its pronunciation! Pronounced “Jhal-uuz-ee”, the Oxford Dictionary definition is; A blind or...Read More

The Rising Tide of Noise Pollution and its Negative Effects

The location of a property is just as important as the materials used to build it. Those who live near busy roads and airports have to deal with an immense amount of noise pollution. This article examines the negative effects of this. It also looks at some of the things you can...Read More
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Front 2018

Join us 9-10 August at Carriageworks for Front 2018. This never-before-seen boutique event is guaranteed to deliver the network and knowledge you need. Whether it be for education, CPD points, inspiration or project research, FRONT presents relevant content for providers in the...Read More

Boom in High Rise Building Construction Gives Rise to Safety Concerns

Population growth in Australia has create more demand for accommodation. This has led to a boom in high-rise building construction. Unfortunately, this boom has created several safety concerns. Up until 2009, the rate of apartment construction in Australia was quite flat. But the...Read More

Safetyline Jalousie announce expansion into Malaysia

Safetyline Jalousie is excited to announce its offshore expansion into Malaysia. Suziyana Chamari is leading the team based in Kuala Lumpur and offers a wealth of knowledge with a Bachelor of Construction Management and Quantity Surveying. The Safetyline Jalousie team welcome...Read More