Safetyline Jalousie announce partnership with Darley Aluminium

Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows are proud to officially announce the partnership with leading Australian distributor of aluminium, Darley Aluminium. As part of the agreement, Darley Aluminium is now distributing Safetyline Jalousie Louvre windows to 2000 aluminium fabricators...Read More
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The Scale of the Non-Compliance Problem in Australia (And How You Can Avoid Using Non-Compliant Building Products)

Non-compliance is a major issue in the Australian building sector. This article examines the scale of the problem and how you can avoid non-compliance. A non-compliant building product isn’t necessarily one that’s non-conforming. Yet, it is one that’s used incorrectly in regards...Read More
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101 Maling Road project won the 2019 Master Builders Awards

Congratulations 101 Maling Road project on winning Best Multi Unit Development over 12 units at the 2019 Master Builders Awards. 101 Maling Road is a collection of 30 stunning, contemporary living spaces located in the historic Maling Road Village in Canterbury, Melbourne. The...Read More
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The Rise of Sustainability in the Australian Building Sector

Sustainability in building has become a hot button topic. Increased awareness of environmental issues plays a large part in that. The Australian building industry has responded well. We live in a world that cares a great deal about the environment. More people than ever...Read More
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Optimal Energy Performance 270mm Blade Louvre Window

Introducing the new 270mm Blade Safetyline Jalousie louvre window

Featuring an extra large blade height at 270mm, this new to the market louvre boasts optimal energy performance with a 3.1 U Value rating. Safetyline Jalousie has been working to develop new louvre technology and push the envelope to achieve the best outcome possible. Safetyline...Read More
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Most Common Sources of Air Leaks

The Most Common Sources of Air Leaks (And What You Can Do About Them)

Air leaks bring down the energy efficiency of a building. Here is a look at the main causes of air leakage in residential and commercial buildings. We also cover some possible solutions. Air leakage happens when outside air enters and exits a building in an uncontrolled way. The...Read More
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Sydney’s Methodist Ladies College Modern Education Space

The Future of Learning: Sydney’s Methodist Ladies College

Situated in Burwood, Sydney the Methodist Ladies College is an independent day school that is transforming the traditional classroom into a modern education space. The redesign was led by BVN and Business Interiors who believed that to create an innovate space, they would need to...Read More
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Storm Damage Leads to Questions Current Building Regulations

Storm Damage Leads to Questions About Current Building Regulations

Australia experiences an average of 13 cyclones each year. When they reach land, these storms can have devastating effects on buildings. Several experts are now calling the country’s building regulations into question. Each year, Australia experiences about 16% of the world’s...Read More
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Congratulations to Tiny Homes Foundation, winners of Australasian Housing Institute award for Leading Innovation for their pilot tiny home project.

Congratulations to Tiny Homes Foundation!

All Images Credit to: Tiny Homes Foundation “It’s not about building houses and structures, it’s actually about changing people’s lives.” David Wooldridge, CEO Tiny Homes Foundation Congratulations to Tiny Homes Foundation and Pacific Link Housing,...Read More
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The key concern for schools is building designs have an effect on student performance. Read now to learn how windows play key roles in the classroom.

Clever Classrooms: The Role of Windows and Ventilation in Classroom Performance

Your building designs have an effect on student performance. This is a key concern for the schools that may want to use your services. Here’s how windows and ventilation play key roles in the classroom. Educators go to great lengths to improve the educational outcomes of their...Read More
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