SJ Proteger

Safetyline Proteger is a multi-purpose operable louvre system that provides an attractive and effective way to naturally ventilate a building, while also providing optimum protection
from fire, heat and smoke.

Product Information

Comprising of easy-to-install and customisable glass or aluminium automatic opening
louvres, cabling and controls which interface with the BMS or the fire indicator panel (FIP), Safetyline Proteger louvres are designed for heat and smoke extraction or make up air for stair pressurisation.

All systems are fully equipped with the necessary failsafe elements including monitored 72-hour failsafe battery backup, with fault reporting back to the FIP and BMS.

In stairwells and corridors within residential apartments, hotels, school, shops and offices,
allowing the release of heat and smoke ensures key escape routes are kept clear for longer,
for the safe evacuation of building occupants and easier access for fire services. 

Safetyline Proteger louvres are tested and certified for NSHV (Natural Smoke and Heat
Ventilation) in accordance with European standard EN12101-2, and are an important safety
device in preventative fire protection.

The rigorous testing of the stringent EN12101 standard provides the assurance of the
reliability that the system has been developed and manufactured to deliver the performance
necessary to protect both human life and preserve property in the event of a building fire.

Product Features


63mm Aluminium
Available in Hydro Reduxa Aluminium

Frame Finish

Powder coated or anodised. Visit AAF to view colour charts and ranges:

Blade Holder

DecoWood finish for timber look.
Optional internal stainless steel security bar


Frame width

Up to 1400mm

Louvre Blade Height


Frame depth


Max opening angle

80 degrees


Louvre Blade

Available in glass or aluminium

Glass types

Laminate, toughened, vacuum

Glazing thickness

6mm, 6.38mm


Internal Screens

Fibreglass aluminium or stainless steel mesh



Cam driven lever, turnhandle or detachable winder for high level louvres


24V DC Fire Rated Actuator, Fire resistance 30mins/300 degrees


Wall Switch and/or remote

Can be integrated with climate control, fire and smoke systems



No assembly or glazing required, fast and easy installation via pre-drilled fixing holes in the upright sections


Air Infiltration

tested to 0.12L / Sqm / S

Water Penetration


Ultimate Strength (ULS)

up to 9,525Pa

Serviceability Limit State (SLS)

up to 4000Pa


33Rw with 6.38mm laminate and 6mm toughened glazing

35Rw with 6.5mm laminate hush glass

Windbourne Debris

Impact test Passed type B (for cyclones)

Impact Load

Tested up to 550kg

Fall Prevention




EN12101-2: Annex G
Tested and certified
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We have a window of opportunity to build a greener future Introducing a new cleaner, low-carbon aluminium to help clients meet their sustainability goals

Aluminum has an important role to play as the world transitions to a low-carbon economy. The metal is light, durable, corrosion resistant, ductile and easily recyclable. These inherent qualities make it suitable for a wide range of applications including building and construction materials.
The International aluminium company Hydro are leading efforts in recycled aluminium and low carbon aluminium. Through the use of renewable energy and recycled consumer scrap Hydro creates alloys and products that help their customers on their path to zero emissions.

Safetyline Jalousie’s commitment to fighting climate change along with the desire to be a part of the solution is the major motivation for launching Hydro REDUXA in Australia.

Thanks to modern technology and the use of renewable energy from hydro, wind and solar power, we can supply our louvre windows with an aluminium that is cleaner than ever before.

Hydro REDUXA is guaranteed to have generated a maximum 4.0 kg CO2 per kg of aluminium produced – One-quarter of the global average. Hydro’s product line 4.0 covers all carbon emissions from bauxite mining and alumina refining to the production of aluminium in electrolysis and casting.

Minimizing the carbon footprint of our products and maximizing opportunities for our clients and their projects.

Watch the video below to learn more about how reduxa is made

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Download SmartAir System & Free Motor Initiative proposal

The complete turnkey air quality solution that can deliver on environmental, economic and social benefits for built environments across Australia. In this brochure, you will find:

Smart Air Brochure

Download SmartAir System & Free Motor Initiative proposal

The complete turnkey air quality solution that can deliver on environmental, economic and social benefits for built environments across Australia. In this brochure, you will find:

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Smart Air Brochure

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You’ll receieve access to our 52 page complete Design Manual that includes:

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Ali Asmar

Business Manager - VIC & SA



As the most recent addition to the Safetyline Jalousie family, Ali is still coming to terms with the fact that a typical telephone conversation will often be answered with “You’re calling from Safety what”? followed by having to sound out and spell the name “ja-lou-sie” (it happens to us all). Born in Lebanon, Ali has moved around a lot over the years, living in Cyprus, Sydney for most of his Schooling, as well as China and Hong Kong. He currently resides in Melbourne where he spends a lot of time in his garden or doing some sort of work around the house. (Not too dissimilar to many other Melburnians following the onset of Covid). With a very obvious cultured background, Ali is warm and talkative and he’ll get you talking too.

Romile John

National Business Manager



One of the Safetyine Jalousie originals, Rom (often mistaken for John) holds a great passion for the product. He says its “its innovative, a market leader and ever-evolving, very much like the company itself”. When you meet Rom, it is apparent that he is well-educated and well-travelled. Coming from a family of medical professionals, they moved around extensively and often. Last count was 125 countries. So nearly all of them! It’s really no surprise that Rom has mastered packing a weeks-worth of clothes and necessities into a carry-on bag. And when we say clothes we actually mean meticulously prepared outfits and accessories. When Rom enters a room, you’re sure to know it!

Adam Racomelara

National Manager – Partnerships & Strategy



Adam is our strategist and big ideas generator whose somewhat reserved nature could have some mistake him as a bit of an introvert. But that’s only until this quiet thinker is given a whiteboard and a marker – and then there’s no stopping the dialogue! 7 Years in at Safetyline Jalousie, Adam is continually expanding on his knowledge of the construction industry and is incredibly driven in his pursuit to help create better buildings via the use of better products. When Adam’s not on his quest to improve Australia’s built environment he’s spending most weekends escorting one of his 4 young kids to birthday parties, sometimes multiple parties. He has some stealth survival tips for other parents currently in the same predicament.

Michael Cocks

Factory Manager



Michael has become recognised at Safetyline Jalousie for his continually changing hairstyles (facial hair included). Buzz cut, undercut, dreadlocks, even a mullet. We’ve see it all. His current man bun could even be gone before we finish this sentence. Always up for a laugh, friends and colleagues love a chat with Michael, and his easy-going and approachable nature has earned him the respect of all staff. In fact, he even has a cohort of followers on the factory floor sporting his same hairstyles. Outside of work Michael has recently turned his attention to mountain bike riding. His very first ride ended with a pretty serious accident resulting in a deep puncture wound to his leg– it’s been a sore topic for his leg and his ego.

Jonathan Gueudinot

National Logistics & Production Manager



Our South American Native, Jonathan is more simply and better known as “Chilli” (no need to try and guess his country of origin). After 16 years of military service, Chilli joined the Safetyline Jalousie team for what he describes as “a change of pace”. Although his average work day might look very different these days, there’s no doubt that Chilli’s previous experience has contributed in shaping a culture of commitment, community and comradery within the production team – the very important engine room of our company. Driven by a sense of accomplishment, in addition to running Safetyline Jalousie’s production line with military precision, Chilli has recently been studying hard to complete his Master’s Degree in Business and Logistics.

Mandy Saliba

Marketing Manager



Mandy has been with Safetyline jalousie since day one so would technically be considered a geriatric in “Jalousie years”. Whilst her role has changed and evolved over her time with the business, one thing that hasn’t is the happy and fun, team culture that she says “continues to make each day at work a joy”. As a mum of two little ones, Mandy thrives on new challenges and a little bit of chaos. Although, as a self-proclaimed clean freak, she ensures that all forms of chaos are kept in a very neat and tidy manner. We’ve also observed that Mandy appears to have an inherent fear of colour and will almost only ever be seen in black or white (or sometimes grey if she is being really out there).

Lisa Spinks

Office Administration Manager



As a busy mother of 4, Lisa is highly skilled in organising, delegating, and troubleshooting – the proficiencies which she also demonstrates in her daily management of the Safetyline Jalousie office. Lisa tells us that she lives by the saying “What doesn’t break you makes you stronger”. (No doubt she’s had to use this little piece or personal encouragement from time to time to deal with our infinite requests)! Always on the go, Lisa has a very active lifestyle and starts every day with a walk to the beach with her husband and two dogs. Of an evening she still has the energy to spare for star jumps and squats in her makeshift gym/ (our office) before heading home to her other full-time job as “mum”.




Nathan Rust

Founder & National Operations Director



The younger brother of the co-founding sibling duo, “Nath” is the go-to for just about every technical, install, and manufacturing enquiry that comes via the business. Very early on, Nath’s product knowledge and problem-solving ability saw him organically take on the role of Operations, overseeing the design and management of Safetyline Jalousie’s behind-the-scenes work. When he’s off duty (and not answering a million questions), Nath enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 young kids. You’ll find him cheering on his son at weekend sports, enjoying the water somewhere along the Northern beaches and this lover of food is generally always planning his next big meal. Preferably a Lebanese banquet if anyone can suggest a restaurant he doesn’t frequent already.

Leigh Rust

Founder & Director



Leigh aka “Wolfpack” is one-half of the driving force behind Safetyline Jalousie and comes with two decades of experience within the Australian manufacturing and construction industry. The multi-award-winning entrepreneur and father of three youngsters is a passionate advocate for supporting Australian-made goods and improving the built environment for future generations to come. Always up for a challenge, Leigh never sits still and is constantly pushing himself to test his physical and mental endurance. He’s given just about everything a go. From amateur MMA fights, triathlons, or personal development endeavours, Leigh stands by the motto, ‘I never lose, either I win or I learn’.

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You’ll receieve access to our 52 page complete Design Manual that includes:

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You’ll receieve access to our 52 page complete Design Manual that includes:

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