How COVID-19 Will Transform Architecture

  Architecture has always evolved to respond to developing human needs and create better environments that benefit human life. For example, London constructed underground sewer systems in response to cholera outbreaks in the 19th century. The city was then built to have...Read More

How Indoor Air Quality Control Affects Student Academic Performance

As much as we have known about the dangers of outdoor air pollution, the scientific community has also continually written about how indoor air quality should be a concern, especially in schools. Students spend most of their day inside classrooms where they are also exposed to...Read More

Arthur Phillip High School (And the Lessons You Can Learn From this Landmark Education Project)

Vertical schools are on the rise in Australia and Safetyline Jalousie was involved with one of the pioneers in this space. There is a definite trend towards the development of vertical schools in Australia. This trend mirrors what we’re seeing in the cities in regards to...Read More

Why Indoor Humidity Control Regulations are Important in Public Spaces

While it is not always apparent, indoor humidity in public buildings plays an important role in health and safety. Whether in a house, strata, restaurant, school, office or hospital, there is a considerable risk in people’s health if there are no regulations in place. Unchecked...Read More

Victoria’s New Energy Efficiency Scorecard (And the Groups That Benefit from It)

For sustainable development, Australia’s local and national governments are introducing a host of energy efficiency initiatives. Victoria’s Energy Efficiency Scorecard is a recent one that you should know about. The world has finally become fully aware of the fact that Earth’s...Read More
Harristown State High School Classroom With Louvre Window

What is Hybrid Ventilation? What are the Benefits for Schools?

Air quality has a much bigger impact on academic performance than one might think. A good ventilation system can improve the productivity of both teachers and students. When it comes to academic performance, people take many factors into account. Work ethic, habits, and even...Read More
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2020’s Construction Trends (And How They’ll Shape the Future of Australian Building Design)

There are changes afoot in the construction sector that will affect developers. These are the key trends you need to know about for 2020 and beyond. The introduction of any new technology has the potential to cause changes in an industry. Many have concerns about sustainability...Read More
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The Scale of the Non-Compliance Problem in Australia (And How You Can Avoid Using Non-Compliant Building Products)

Non-compliance is a major issue in the Australian building sector. This article examines the scale of the problem and how you can avoid non-compliance. A non-compliant building product is not necessarily one that is non-conforming. Yet, it is one that’s used incorrectly in regard...Read More
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The Rise of Sustainability in the Australian Building Sector

The Rise of Sustainability in the Australian Building Sector

Sustainability in building has become a hot button topic. Increased awareness of environmental issues plays a large part in that. The Australian building industry has responded well. We live in a world that cares a great deal about the environment. More people than ever...Read More
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